January, 26, 2015

The freshdesk story decoded

Through a deep dive into the Freshdesk backstory, Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of the cloud-based customer support software venture, explains to us the defining moments of what is now one of India’s fastest growing startups


A tip for 2015

This time last year, I wrote this article titled ‘a reading strategy for 2014’ which suggested a unique approach to choosing books (and articles), especially ones that can potentially influence your business. The strategy suggested was simple – One, focus on lateral reading which essentially meant read about stuff that has nothing to do with your business; Two, read from your ‘do-not-agree-list’, which harped on the importance of reading articles and books that you don’t agree with to get a contrarian perspective; Three, read what is not shared on social media.

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An investor perspective on branding

Day two of the Brand Owners’ Summit saw five notable industry experts and investors’ speak about the role of branding from an investor perspective, especially in terms of valuations

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The importance of being consistent

Brand building in a B2B context is not just about making noise but also about delivering beyond promises, providing solution to a customer problem, and establishing one’s identity as a reliable player

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Catch-22 for start-up brand building

In the initial days of starting a venture, an entrepreneur is faced with multiple dilemmas – budget needed for brand building, brand positioning, identifying the target customer, to name a few. The panel discussion on Day 1 of the Smart CEO – afaqs! Brand Owners’ Summit addressed this dilemma with four young entrepreneurs to see how they handled it in their organisations

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Not a patient, but a customer

Branding gave Motherhood Hospitals more visibility, a platform to scale up revenues and also attract good medical talent. Dr. Mohammed Rehan Sayeed talks about the hospital’s branding strategies

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Tuning in

You flip a channel, and you hear snatches of a song, an RJ spinning his spiel, or just the familiar tune of an ad jingle. But something makes you stop. For FM radio service providers, knowing what makes you stop can make or break the channel

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Taking the road less cycled

Rajesh Mani, Head-Marketing, TI Cycles shares a three-legged strategy that the company adopted, to bring more consumers back on the pedal. His goal? To sell cycling instead of selling cycles

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Brand building to attract talent

E. Balaji, president, TVS Logistics, explains to the audience at Brand Owners’ Summit, a few strategies to build a brand to attract talent

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To go long; think customer, think change and think values

Iconic brands are who they are for three clear reasons; they value their customers, they are first to adapt and they live by their values

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Advantage kareena

C K Kumaravel, founder and CEO of Natural beauty Salon, talks about the value of using brand ambassadors efficiently

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Brand building through performance

P N Vasudevan, managing director of Equitas Holdings, set some practices in place for the company to reach a global benchmark for fairness and transparency

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Looking outward

Priya Jayaraman, co-founder of Propaganda India believes that companies need to start looking outward, and build brands from a customer’s point of view

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Playing monopoly

Google being synonymous with Internet search is just one example of brand monopolies; these are the brands that have channeled their business on consumer insight and owned the category with their solution. Increasingly, the only way to succeed, especially in hi-tech sectors, is to be a brand that is a monopoly, reckons ad guru turned investor, Mahesh Murthy

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Show me the money

“Obsess over the customer, relentlessly adapt to changing times and maintain a maniacal focus on values,” stresses Rajiv Lochan, the managing director and CEO of Kasturi and sons, publisher of the 136-year-old brand, The Hindu, during The Brand Owners’ Summit organised by The Smart CEO and afaqs!

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The innovator’s advantage

Innovation has become Trivitron’s key differentiator as it forges global relationships to put India on the medical technology map

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More than just a game

Passion for computer technology and gaming prompted Nitish Mittersain to start a gaming company, Nazara Technologies. Today, its technology and distribution have enabled it to eye an annual revenue of close to Rs. 500 crore in the next two years

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A perfect case!

Kapil Hetamsaria of Velvetcase.com, which recently designed and manufactured the Indian Premier Tennis League trophy, wants to disrupt the online jewellery world through a deep focus on customer-centricity

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Putting the experience in travel

Seedfund-backed V Resorts aggregates private properties in emerging tourist destinations and offers an experience-based opportunity for working professionals to plan quick getaways from the metros. Currently based in New Delhi, it plans to enter Mumbai by March 2015 and later expand into Bengaluru

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On a concrete footing

Anand Sundaresan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of SCHWING Stetter talks to us about the construction equipment sector, how the company has grown amidst tough operating environments and his future plans for the company

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“India is a very significant, yet very complex market”

N K Ranganath, managing director, Grundfos Pumps India, aims to take the company’s revenue to Rs. 850 crore to Rs. 900 crore by 2017 through organic growth, localised production and maybe, one acquisition

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“A lot of pitches from entrepreneurs Are memorable”

In conversation with Rehan Yar Khan of Orios Venture Partners, a Rs. 300 crore fund focused on backing technology entrepreneurs. In this interview Khan shares with us his experience as an angel investor, his approach to building his portfolio and a glimpse into a memorable pitch he heard from the founder of Ola Cabs

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The evolving role of CFO

From balancing profit and loss statements, today, the finance head’s role has evolved to become a key integrator, a role critical at the strategic level

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Have the bean counters taken over marketing?

“New Age Marketing”, “Digital Marketing”, “360 degree marketing campaigns”, “measuring ROI on marketing campaigns

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Where every drop matters

Backed by the likes of Harvard Angels and Google’s Rajan Anandan, Karthik Naralasetty’s Socialblood aims to be a global one-stop platform for blood donation. In his own words, he wants to bring innovation into this space and change the perception that dealing with blood is not cool

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