July, 23, 2014

Business media’s biggest challenge

Critics of business magazines and television channels often point out that the media tends to over-simplify the context in which a business leader operates. “Every CEO’s context is different; what you’re suggesting as a case study is not really relevant to a decision-maker in his or her context,” they say.

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Fixing a supply gap

Blume Ventures-backed Vox Pop Clothing partners with iconic brands such as Marvel, Warner Bros. and Disney, and develops merchandise for brands like Spiderman and Avengers in India. Siddharth Taparia, the founder, believes his business is really about closing a supply gap

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True to your health

Sameer Maheshwari, founder-CEO, Healthkart, expects this health e-commerce portal to grow five-fold in five years, riding on its strengths of authenticity and the ability to assist customers effectively

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Selling hard-to-find products

The founders of Hopscotch.com know a thing or two about selling to moms, thanks to their experience at Diapers.com. Now, with the acquisition of Skoolshop.com, they aim to further expand their product mix and reach, and scale up faster

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India runs on chai

In this series, we talk to four Indian Harvard Business School graduates who have left behind their corporate jobs to pursue an entrepreneurial venture in India. They delve into details about the business challenges they faced in various spheres and the management lessons they had to learn and unlearn from their tenure at Harvard

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How ovenfresh is expanding into a pan-india bakery chain

After raising a Series B round in December 2014, Rajiv Subramanian plans to take bakery chain, Ovenfresh, to five more cities and 60 outlets by FY15

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Building on trust

Soumya Rajan started Waterfield Advisors to provide families and family-owned businesses with a wide spectrum of financial and advisory solutions. In the next two years, she aims to consolidate its position domestically and take the brand global

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Street fighter

With the launch of its desi production, Street 750, at a price of Rs. 4.3 lakh, Harley Davidson India is spearheading the growth of leisure motorcycling in the country

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Aiding Autowallahs

Through mGaadi, a commuting service from India Drivers Network, Solomon Prakash and Vishy Kuruganti aim to organise auto rickshaw commuting in Bengaluru

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Matchmaker for unorganised workers

LabourNet not only matches available skills with requirements of employers, but also upskills and cross skills workers in the unorganised sector to improve chances of employability

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Riding on clarity and affordability

Dr. Velumani, a scientist turned entrepreneur, wants to scale up Thyrocare Technologies by focusing on the four-billion strong middle income to upper middle income group across the world

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Eyeing greater heights

In the coming years, Valyoo Technologies’ sole focus will be on Lenskart.com. Through a combination of online and offline sales strategies such as door-to-door eye-check up, 3D Face Visualiser and physical stores, the company aims to touch revenues of Rs. 100 crore in FY15

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Effective communication - The most important pillar of business excellence

Communication is the most important determinant of business excellence. While most organisations place significant emphasis on communication with external stakeholders, from a business excellence perspective, internal communication is an equally important component

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Staying agile

Jisang Yoo, CEO of Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) talks about his stint in India, professional and personal challenges he faced and the investment climate in the country

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“Often, change for change’s sake is extremely valuable.”

In conversation with Srikant M. Datar, Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor at Harvard Business School, on rethinking the MBA curriculum, the broader forces reshaping companies of today and core principles that should always drive decision-makers

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Get in touch with the real you!

Sudhakar Ram, Author of The Connected Age and the managing director and Group CEO of Mastek, talks about how he wants his book to be a manual for personal change

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