September, 02, 2014

The joy of learning

A good friend (and a regular reader of The Smart CEO) and I had this deep discussion about the concept of narrative fallacy, a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan. Taleb uses the term narrative fallacy to explain that humans tend to take a complex series of events and oversimplify these into simple stories, ignoring a lot of random, but important events that take place in-between. In essence, Taleb believes that as humans, we often ignore the chaos in the world and the role luck plays in all successes and failures.

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The finer nuances of scaling up a real estate business

In conversation with Irfan Razack, chairman and managing director, Prestige Group, one of South India’s leading property developers with interests in residential, commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors


Branding lessons, from the heart

A peek into some wonderful anecdotes on branding from Brand Owners’ Summit Bangalore, co-organized by afaqs! and The Smart CEO


Building multiple startup brands

Krishnan Ganesh, a serial entrepreneur, believes that brand building opportunities in India are unique. He shares with us his experience from Tutor Vista, and


Diamonds in India’s rough

Madan Padaki believes that today’s rural youth has raw talent, entrepreneurial spirit, global aspirations and access to technology. Through Head Held High, he aims to provide them with the right opportunities and eradicate rural poverty in the long run


The personification of a corporate brand

Mindtree’s Krishnakumar Natarajan believes that a corporate brand is actually an extension of its internal culture and how the brand is felt, perceived and thought about by various stakeholders who interact with it. In his talk at the Brand Owners’ Summit, Natarajan talks from the heart about how brands evolve continuously, just like how people do, and why it is crucial for marketers to keep this in mind as they formulate a branding strategy


Healing a mother’s heart!

Dr. Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, a cardiac surgeon by profession, started Motherhood Hospitals, a mother and child care single-specialty chain, to fill the lacunae in the delivery of healthcare in the country

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An eye for early detection

Unitus Seed Fund-backed Welcare Health Systems has developed affordable eye-screening devices to fight diabetic retinopathy, an illness which is likely to affect one in four diabetes patients in the coming years

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Capitalising on the power of data

Advitiya Sharma, along with 11 co-founders, set up as a map-based home search portal that offers more than 100 data points, at just a click

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For the true blue fans

Sahil Baghla, co-founder,, the online fan merchandise retailer, on how his company raised funds from and how he plans to utilise those funds

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Betting on e-commerce packaging

Dynaflex, supplier of tamper evident packing material to e-commerce companies, casinos, investigative agencies and educational institutions in India, plans to raise US $10 million in six months to fund its expansion and aims to record revenues of Rs. 100 crore by FY2017. Today, over 45 per cent of its revenues comes from the e-commerce sector

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A truly global social media agency

KRDS, one of the first few European Facebook marketing agencies, eyes the Indian market for growth. Its key weapon: the 1200 social media campaigns it has executed in 30 countries, so far

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The mobile accelerators

Today, Robosoft Technologies, a mobile app development firm, generates 75 per cent of its revenues from outside India. But, given the pace at which India is transitioning to smartphones, Rohith Bhat, the founder, believes that the scales may shift in future. Bhat thanks the company’s early-stage success to its first client, a dream one at that, Apple

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Building a global brand

Indian spirits manufacturer, Kyndal Group, is in the process of building a global brand. What’s encouraging is that the brand has seen over 300 per cent revenue growth since 2006 and is currently in a consolidation phase. This augurs well for Kyndal as it prepares to take the fight to foreign brands

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Dreams - of the past, and for the future

Lucia, the critically acclaimed Kannada film has two lessons for its business audience; despite taking a planned route to build a brand, there’s always an unknown element that will draw a customer to it, and the potential of crowd funding to convert ideas to products and dreams to reality

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Get cracking on your customer feedback

Being active on social media and mobile, having face-to-face interaction with customers, and building conversations through personalised emails are some key tactics that brick and mortar and online retailers can use to secure customer feedback

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Why diversity initiatives are crucial for a great workplace

Given that today, workforce diversity is a key driver of innovation and success, companies across the world need to place an emphasis on diversity training and develop conducive policies to support them

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In love with businesses

Sanjay Kamlani, angel investor, serial entrepreneur and founder of Pangea3, the legal process outsourcing firm that he exited, says it is the process of building a business rather than a glamorous product offering that keeps him thrilled. Kamlani explains: “How do we grow our teams, how do we synchronise seamlessly between clients, employees and investors, how do we maintain a very high retention rate? – it is dealing with questions like these that energise me every single day.” That is the sole reason why he has slowed down his angel investment endeavors to pursue his next entrepreneurial stint

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The juggler

Varun Agarwal, founder of Alma Mater, the college t-shirt store, and best-selling author, wears many hats. In his talk at the Summit, he focused on why it’s important for youngsters to just pursue their various passions, even if they are unrelated to each other

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