February, 09, 2016

InMobi, Decoded

In a candid chat with The Smart CEO, Naveen Tewari shares ten narratives from his journey at the helm of InMobi, one of the largest, independent mobile advertising networks in the world.


The elusive lady ‘L’

Luck has played a significant role in each of our lives; it has been the tailwind that you needed to succeed or has left your side just when you needed it the most. In this story, business leaders and an author talk to us about how luck changed their lives.

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“Luck, in my opinion, is the tail wind.”

Abhiraj bhal, Co-founder, Urbanclap.com, a services marketplace

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“The genes we inherit from our parents can be considered as the ‘luck’ factor.”

Anu Acharya, Founder, Mapmygenome, a molecular diagnostics company

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“The origins of success are much too subtle and complex. We all feel that there is something called luck.”

R. Gopalakrishnan, non-executive director of Tata Sons, is also an author of many best-selling books. Among his recent launches is a book titled ‘Six Lenses- Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships’ which draws lessons from his rich life experiences. Interestingly, luck is one of the six lenses in this book.

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“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

Kunal Nandwani, founder, uTrade, technology-based stock trading platform

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“Luck is definitely one of the ingredients an entrepreneur needs to succeed.”

Navneet Singh, co-founder, PepperTap, on-demand grocery delivery services company

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“I believe in gifts. Many a times, I am cognisant of their value, when I receive them.”

Ranga Reddy, CEO and co-founder, Maveric Systems, software testing company which provides lifecycle assurance for software applications

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“A little luck is important along with all the sweat, blood and tears that go into being an entrepreneur.”

Shivangini Parihar, co-founder, The Summer House, sustainable luxury brand selling clothing and houseware

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“If you don’t take chances, you cannot get lucky in the first place.”

Vivek Srivastava, CEO, Health Care at Home India, home healthcare services company

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The proof lies in the healthy pudding

Truweight Wellness aims to bring about weight loss in its clients through a meal mentorship programme that focuses on nutritional benefits as opposed to calorie counting

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Buy. Hold. Sell.

Former Lehman employee, Kunal Nandwani, founded UTrade Solutions in 2011, with the goal of creating a tech-based platform to improve trading experience in global capital markets. Today the company offers a slew of products – multi-asset trading platforms, order & risk management systems, pre & post trade analytics, and data analytics products – to clients globally.

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Reminiscing the past

Shivangini Parihar and Rekha Datla’s sustainable luxury brand, The Summer House, was founded with the vision of bringing to fore the simplicity, originality and quality of the past.

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The healthcare question

Ravi Virmani, the former COO of Max Healthcare, often had friends reaching out to him to get their queries on healthcare answered. This helped him realize a key problem in India’s booming healthcare industry – lack of transparent information on doctor quality, pricing, etc. – and it nudged him to startup CrediHealth.

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Cashkaro, kush raho

From UK-based Pouring Pounds to India-based Cashkaro, the Kalaari-funded startup is well on its way to popularise the concept of cashback in India in the next one year. In this story, the founders talk about how they intend to create awareness about the concept, and retain their position as a market leader in the Indian cashback industry

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Alleviating agricultural woes

With its two-pronged approach of agri-warehouse management and credit to farmers, Sohan Lal Commodity Management aims to double the number of warehouses in a year and reach a turnover of more than Rs. 2,600 crore in FY15-16.

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Understanding the demand cycle

Brigade Enterprises, which had a turnover of Rs. 1310 crore in FY14-15, is gearing up to achieve a 30 per cent revenue growth in the current fiscal. A key part of its strategy is to deeply understand the dynamic nature of any demand cycle.

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Meeting an unmet need

With a strong focus on the therapeutic dermatological market and adaptation of the portfolio approach, Curatio Healthcare is gearing up to capitalise on a growing market and become a Rs. 400 crore revenue company by 2020.

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Capitalising on brand power

When I.S.A.K. Nazar set up Manna Foods, he didn’t expect it to become a powerful brand. But, today, this health food brand has a turnover of Rs. 60 crore and expects to touch Rs. 200 crore by 2017, with a deep focus on natural health products.

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Pay attention to attention

Researchers from Steelcase, a company that provides workplace solutions, have found that understanding how brains work is crucial to studying workers’ behaviors and the changing nature of work. The author highlights five common scenarios to look out for at work

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No place for stress in teams

The founder of Mapmygenome India, Anu Acharya, talks about the importance of taking steps to prevent stress at workplace. In her company, she encourages physical health and fitness as it leads to better performers

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All in the game

By consolidating its business verticals, SportzVillage, has a renewed focus on sports education and fitness. Through EduSports, the company works with 400 schools in 100 cities impacting over 3.5 lakh students; while SportzConsult specializes in organizing sports-related events for corporates such as Axis Bank, Johnson & Johnson and Nike, amongst others.

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In tune with business

The founder of Norwest-backed startup, Attune Technologies, shares vital lessons on cracking fund raising and B2B sales in the healthcare solutions space.

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Godaddy’s India strategy

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar with a market capitalization of US $5 billion, is nearly as old as the Internet itself. Rajiv Sodhi, the company’s managing director in India, gives us a glimpse into his marketing strategy for the Indian market.

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At Mumbai city FC, we approached merchandising as a brand building concept, not a revenue generator

In conversation with Indranil Das Blah, former VP of Globosport and the CEO of Mumbai City FC, on the art of building a long-term sports brand

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Customer satisfaction: The path to consistent growth

Godrej & Boyce’s Industrial Products Division’s Chief Operating Officer, Kaustubh Shukla talks about the company’s disruptive innovative ideas, marketing techniques and the future growth strategies which include a steady growth rate of 25 per cent in the coming years

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Taking a long leap of faith!

Yannick Colaco, the managing director of NBA India, talks about how the organisation is planning to make basketball the number two sport in the next three years.

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