April, 23, 2014

The power of simple

This edition you are holding in your hands is very special to all of us at The Smart CEO. The mandate we had for the cover story was to feature a CEO who was under the age of 40, leading a high-profile company.

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Playing 20 Questions with Mittu Chandilya

The AirAsia India boss discusses his interview experience with Tony Fernandes, his firm-and-fair management style and why it is crucial to be a serial innovator to win in the aviation business


Building your security shield

Dr. Diwan Rahul Nanda took over TOPSGRUP and turned it into a conglomerate with annual revenues of over Rs. 939 crore. He aims to keep the growth chart going by expanding its services globally and by capitalising on its strong security services and workforce strength of 93,000

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Staying true to music

Ashutosh Phatak, the co-founder of True School of Music, wants to provide a platform for budding musicians to build a career in this field. In five years, he plans to setup eight more schools in India and partner with schools in Amsterdam and the U.K.

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Getting the perfect indian brew

The founders of Beerworks Restaurants and Microbrewery (that manufactures and distributes Geist beer) aim to setup local manufacturing units and microbreweries in India and record a turnover of Rs. 100 crore in the next five years

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Bridging talent with social need

Villgro adopts a multi-pronged approach to help social entrepreneurs scale up

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How to set up a socially responsible company?

Mindtree Foundation’s leader, Abraham Moses says that the first step in this direction is for the top management to exhibit such qualities; more specifically, to internalise CSR and use the company’s area of expertise to give back to the society

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A sense of gravity

While our latest mission to Mars cost the country less than a Hollywood film, its true impact is questionable

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It’s 2014—you are a media company

Do not define yourself within the limited framework of your industry. Instead, empower others to share their stories through you and give your customers or audience the tools with which they can share, articulate and improve their lives

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Beat the curve!

How do companies cope with the rapid changes taking place in the industry? Adopt skill development, identify and cater to the needs of the market and take advantage of free-flow of information and data

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The art of Data-centric branding

Three companies, that offer services in the area of social media, mobile and analytics tools talk to us about how they help their clients identify their target audience, develop targeted strategies to leverage their product/service and in turn, help get the best return on investment.

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For a sustainable good life

Tamara Resorts preserves the pristine surroundings while carrying the theme of being a luxury resort. Its goal is to ensure that the visitors have good time while communing with nature

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Your wish is my command

Mishti Bose, chief executive officer of Quintessentially Lifestyle, talks about how the lifestyle concierge services sector is evolving in India and the company’s future prospects

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Owning the Fast and furious

Pavan Shetty, head of operations, Lamborghini India, talks to us about the super luxury automobile segment in India and myths surrounding high-end luxury cars

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Spending the golden years in comfort

Antara Senior Living is building a 20-acre senior living community at Dehradun for India’s independent, high net worth senior citizens to live their old-age in comfort and security. The community will be operational from the first quarter of 2016

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